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Academic Essays

Dariusz Adamski, Google, The Guilds, and the Reading Public: Settlement is Code is Law? The Media Law and Policy Journal at NYLS, 2009-2010

Tabrez Ahmad and Pratik Priyadarshi Choudhury, Re Birth of Opt-In System in Copyright: Analysis in the Light of ‘Google Books’ Controversy, Counceil of Scientific and Industrial Research Intellectual Property Rights Journal, 2011

Paul Courant, Scholarship and Academic Libraries (and their kin) in the World of Google, First Monday, August 2006

Paul Duguid, Inheritance and Loss, A brief Survey of Google Books, First Monday, August 2007

Katharina de la Durantaye, H Is for Harmonization: The Google Book Search Settlement and Orphan Works Legislation in the European Union, New York Law School Law Review, Vol. 55 Issue 1, 2010 / 2011

Einer Elhauge, Why the Google Books Settlement is Procompetitive, The Harvard John M. Olin Discussion Paper Series, August 2009, revised December 2009

Eric M. Fraser, Antitrust and the Google Books Settlement: The Problem of Simultaneity, Stanford Technology Law Review, 2010

Daniel Gervais, The Google Book Settlement and the TRIPS Agreement, Stanford Technology Law Review (forthcoming 2010)

Alessandra Glorioso, Google Books: An Orphan Works Solution, Hofstra Law Review, 2010

James Grimmelmann, Google and the Zombie Army of Orphans, Presented at “Google and the Future of Higher Education Symposium” Georgetown University, February 27, 2009

James Grimmelmann, The Google Book Search Settlement: Ends, Means, and the Future of Books, The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, April 2009

James Grimmelmann, How to fix the Google Book Search Settlement, Journal of Internet Law, April 2009

James Grimmelmann, When the Unprecedented Becomes Precedent: Class Actions in a Google Book Search World, Presented at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, August 1, 2009

James Grimmelmann, The Elephantine Google Books Settlement, Buffalo Intellectual Property Law Journal, June 7, 2010

James Grimmelmann, The Amended Google Books Settlement Is Still Exclusive, CPI Antitrust Journal, January 2010

James Grimmelmann, D is for Digitize: An Introduction, New York Law School Law Review, Vol. 55 Issue 1, 2010 / 2011

Andres Guadamuz, The Google and Publishers Settlement: Some Legal and Technical Implications, WIPO Magazine, Vol. 4, 2009, November 26, 2010

Edward Hasbrouck, Google Books and Writers’ Rights: The proposed settlement of the Google Books lawsuit,, August 20, 2009

Jerry A. Hausman and J. Gregory Sidak, Google and the Proper Antitrust Scrutiny of Orphan Books, Journal of Competition Law & Economics

C. Scott Hemphill, Collusive and Exclusive Settlements of Intellectual Property Litigation, Columbia Law and Economics, December 2, 2010

Elisabeth A. Jones and Joseph W. Janes, Anonymity in a World of Digital Books: Google Books, Privacy, and the Freedom to Read, The Berkeley Electronic Press, Policy & Internet Vol. 2, Issue 4, 2010

Bernard Lang, Orphan Works and the Google Book Search Settlement – an International Perspective, Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique, July 23, 2009

Bernard Lang, Orphan Works and the Google Book Search Settlement: An International Perspective, New York Law School Law Review, Vol. 55 Issue 1, 2010 / 2011

Gregory K. Leonard, District Court Rejects the Google Books Settlement: A Missed Opportunity?, The Antitrust Source, April 2011

Kalev Leetaru, Mass Book Digitization: The Deeper Story of Google Books and the Open Content Alliance, First Monday, October 2008

Mark Lemley, An Antitrust Assessment of the Google Book Search Settlement, Social Science Research Network, July 8, 2009

Brian Lavoie, Lynn Silipigni Connaway and Lorcan Dempsey, Anatomy of Aggregate Collections: The Example of Google Print for Libraries, D Lib Magazine, September 2005

Lateef Mtima & Steven D. Jamar, Fulfilling the Copyright Social Justice Promise: Digitized Textual Information, New York Law School Law Review, Vol. 55 Issue 1, 2010 / 2011

Frank Muller-Langer & Marc Scheufen, Just Google it! – The google Book Search Settlement: a Law and Economic Analysis Review of Economic Research on Copyright Issues, June 2011

Mary Murrell, Digital + Library: Mass Book Digitization as Collection Inquiry, New York Law School Law Review, Vol. 55 Issue 1, 2010 / 2011

Jenna Newman, The Google Books Settlement: A Private Contract in the Absence of Adequate Copyright Law, Scholarly and Research Communication, Vol. 2 Issue 1, February 21, 2011

Randal C. Picker, The Google Book Search Settlement: A New Orphan-Works Monopoly?, Univ. of Chicago, Olin Law and Economics Program, Research Paper Series, April 16, 2009

Randal C. Picker, Book Search Suit Settlement Raises Competition Law Issues, Washington Legal Foundation, April 24, 2009

Randal C. Picker, Assessing Competition Issues in the Amended Google Book Search Settlement, Univ. of Chicago, Olin Law and Economics Program, Research Paper Series, November 16, 2009

Daniel Reetz, The Why in DIY Book Scanning, New York Law School Law Review, Vol. 55 Issue 1, 2010 / 2011

Matthew Sag, The Google Book Settlement and the Fair Use Counterfactual New York Law School Law Review, Vol. 55 Issue 1, 2010 / 2011

Pamela Samuelson, Legislative Alternatives to the Google Book Settlement, April 2011

Pamela Samuelson, Legally Speaking: The Dead Souls of the Google Booksearch Settlement, April 17, 2009

Pamela Samuelson, Google Book Search and the Future of Books in Cyberspace, Minnesota Law Review (May 2010)

Pamela Samuelson, The Google Book Settlement as Copyright Reform, September 28, 2010

Alan Story, Creating the Google Domain: a critical assessment of Google’s book search scheme, 3rd CopySouth Workshop: International Conference on Copyright Issues, The Rio Papers, June 2010

Christopher A. Suarez, Continued DOJ Oversight of the Google Book Search Settlement: Defending Our Public Values and Protecting Competition, New York Law School Law Review, Vol. 55 Issue 1, 2010 / 2011

Christopher A. Suarez, Proactive FTC/DOJ Intervention in the Google Book Search Settlement: Defending Our Public Values, Protecting Competition, Social Science Research Network, May 25, 2009

Hannibal Travis, Estimating the Economic Impact of Mass Digitization Projects on Copyright Holders:Evidence from the Google Book Search Litigation, Journal of the Copyright Society of America, June 2010

Giovanna Occhipinti Trigona, Google book search choices, Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, February 28, 2011

Ad van Loon, The Conflict Between Google and the Book Publishers Should Not Be Settled by a Universally Binding Agreement in a Class Action Case The Media Law and Policy Journal at NYLS, 2009-2010

Vivienne Waller, The Relationship Between Public Libraries and Google: Too Much Information, First Monday, September 7, 2009

John P. Wilkin, Bibliographic Indeterminacy and the Scale of Problems and Opportunities of “Rights” in Digital Collection Building, February 2011

Rudolph J.R. Peritz and Marc Miller, An Introduction to Competition Concerns in the Google Books Settlement, New York Law School, NYLS Legal Studies Research Paper No. 0/10 #23, March 4, 2010

Yuan Ji, Why the Google Book Settlement Should Be Approved: A Response to Antitrust Concerns and Suggestions for Regulation, June 10, 2010

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Academic Blogs

Spencer Ante, Letter: Read the Terms of the Google Book Settlement Agreement, Creative Capital blog, April 29, 2009

Eric Bangeman, Internet Archive wants book copyright indemnity like Google, ARS Technica, April 19, 2009

Anita Bartholomew, Where to get a better deal than the Google Settlement? From Google, Editorial Consultant, April 13, 2009

John Bergmayer, Google Books Rejection Highlights Need for Orphan Works Reform, Public Knowledge, March 22, 2011

James Boyle, We Must Stop Google Books Because It Will Work!!!, The Public Domain, September 8, 2009

Peter Brantly, Monetizing Libraries, Peter Brantley’s Thoughts and Speculations, June 13, 2007

Book search will not work like web search, Peter Brantley’s Thoughts and Speculations, January 1, 2008

The Orphan Monopoly, Thoughts and Speculations, Peter Brantley’s personal blog, March 15, 2009

Legislation and Litigation: Vanderbilt News and Google, Shimenawa: Brantley’s Thoughts and Speculations, May 20, 2009

Eye to eye: The Authors Guild, Random House, and GBS, August 24, 2010

Evan Brown, Podcast of a Panel Discussion of Google Book Search at John Marshall College of Law, Internet Cases, November 29, 2005

Paul Carr, Say what you like about the Google Books Kool-Aid, but it tastes much better than Microsoft’s sour grapes, Tech Crunch, August 22, 2009

Scott Cleland, The Broader Implications of DOJ’s Book Settlement Investigation, The Precursor Blog, February 15, 2010

Google to DOJ/Court on Book Settlement: Good Intentions Trump the Law, The Precursor Blog, April 29, 2009

Maureen Clements, The Secret Of Google’s Book Scanning Machine Revealed, NPR Blogs, April 30, 2009

Paul Courant, Scholarship and Academic Libraries (and their Kin) in the World of Google, First Monday, August 2006

Google, Robert Darnton, and the Digital Republic of Letters, Au Courant, February 4, 2009

Kenneth Crews, Google Books Settlement and Author Rights, Columbia University’s Copyright Advisory Office Blog, August 17, 2009

GBS 2.0: The New Google Books (Proposed) Settlement, Columbia University’s Copyright Advisory Office Blog, November 17, 2009

Google Books: Copyright Settlement Rejected, Columbia University’s Copyright Advisory Office Blog, March 22, 2011

Martyn Daniels, The Great Book Bank Robbery – The Final Month, Bookseller-Association, Brave New World Blog, April 5, 2009

Meredith Filak, Peter Brantley on the Google Books Settlement, Knowledge Ecology International Notes, April 10, 2009

Michael Geist, The Friday Forum: Digitizing Books and the Google Book Search Settlement, May 22, 2009

Lee Gesmer, Google And The Digitization of The Planet’s Books, Mass Law Blog, November 27, 2005

Anthony Grafton, Google Books and The Judge, The New Yorker Book Bench, September 18, 2009

Adam Hodgkin, Google Book Search: What is good for Google is good for the USA, Exact Editions, March 16, 2009

Ariel Katz, Copyright Dogma and the Denied Google Books Settlement, ArielKat, April 10, 2011

Bernard Lang, The Great Foot Shooting Party: How to disappear from the web, Bernard Lang’s Home Page, December 20, 2009

Tim Lee, Limited and Temporary?, The Technology Liberation Front, April 6, 2009

Lawrence Lessig, On the Google Book Search agreement, Lessig 2.0, October 28, 2008

Miracle Jones, The Internet Archive Joins the Fight Against the Google Books Settlement Fiction Circus blog, April 18, 2009

Timothy B. Lee,GBS and the Trouble With Class Actions Bottom-Up, September 30, 2009

Moyra McAllister, Roger Clarke, Chris Creswell, Sarah Waladan, Michael Handler, and Matthew Rimmer, Google: Search or Destroy?, OpenDemocracy, December 12, 2005

Christopher Mims, Why There Can Never Be a Competitor to Google Books, Technology Review, October 18, 2010

Irvin Muchnick‚ Reed Elsevier v. Muchnick Is About the Hijacking of Tasini v. Times, September 14‚ 2009

Let’s Not Settle for this Settlement, Open Content Alliance Blog, November 5, 2008

A2K and orphaned work: the rise of the Open Access Trust Inc, Open Education News, April 14, 2009

Jessica Palmer, Orphan Books: Is Google Robbing the Warehouse, Science Blogs, April 5, 2009

Jef Pearlman, Google Book Search and Orphan Works, Public Knowledge, October 31, 2008

Charlie Petit, GBS Settlement: No Professional Courtesy Here, Scrivener’s Error, September 11, 2009

Alex Pham, Libraries ask court to monitor Google after book settlement is approved, Los Angeles Times Business blog, May 4, 2009

Juan Carlos Perez, Reports: DOJ turns up the heat on Google’s book deal,, June 10, 2009

Matthew Sag, What to Expect on Monday (Google Book), Concurring Opinions, November 8, 2009

Alana Semuels, Atiz turns books digital without help from Google LA Times Business blogs, March 6, 2009

Aaron Shaw, Google and Market Failure: Think Wal-Mart, Not Microsoft, Aaron Shaw’s Weblog, April 6, 2009

Siva Vaidhyanathan, The Googlization of Universities, The Googlization of Everything, May 15, 2009

Is the Google Book Search project a “privatization” of library resources and functions?, The Googlization of Everything, May 24, 2009

Peter Wayner, Why I’m opting-out of the Google Book Settlement,, January 27, 2010

Andrew Whitacre, Google and its orphan books claims, Fungible Convictions, April 5, 2009

Juliet Ye, Google Books Settlement: The Chinese Chapter, The Wall Street Journal, October 20, 2009

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Conferences and Panels

2010 ALA Annual Conference: “Life After the Google Book Search Settlement”
  • Corey Williams, ALA Representative
  • Jonathan Band, author of multiple academic articles related to the settlement
  • James Grimmelmann, Professor at NYLS
  • Marybeth Peters, Register of Copyright, U.S. Copyright Office
  • Johanna Shelton, Senior Policy Council, Google
  • Mark Sandler, Director, Center for Library Initiatives, Committee on Institutional Cooperation
New York Public Library, Expanding Access to Books: Implications of the Google Books Settlement Agreement July 28 2009
  • David Drummond, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer, Google
  • Riachard Sarnoff, Co-chairman, Association of American Publishers
  • Jim Gleick, Author and Authors Guild Board Member
  • Peter Petre, Author and Authors Guild Board Member
  • Jonathan Band, Author of “A Guide for the Perplexed: Libraries & the Google Library Project Settlement”
The Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts at Columbia University, “The Google Books Settlement: What Will It Mean for the Long Term?” March 13, 2009 James Grimmelmann and Siva Vaidhyanathan , Google and the Future of Higher Education, February 27, 2009

Tim Barton, Robert Darnton and Adam Smith , The Google Book Project, WNYC Radio, July 22, 2009

Larry Lessig, Is Google Book Search “Fair Use”?

Alexander Macgillivray , Former Deputy General Counsel for Products and Intellectual Property at Google, Berkman Luncheon Series at Harvard July 21, 2009

Pam Samuelson, Reflections on the Google Booksearch Settlement, 2009 Kilgour Lecture, University of North Carolina

James Grimmelmann, on WBAI 99.5 FM discussing the Google Book Search lawsuits.

Lawrence Lessig, Berkman Center for Internet & Society Podcast, August 3, 2009

House Judiciary Hearing Webcast or Audio Part 1, Part 2, September 10, 2009

Ben Bunnell, Google at ALA: Google Book Search and Google Scholar, 2006 ALA Conference, June 2006

D is for Digitize, New York Law School, October 8-10, 2009

The Google Book Search Project, Lawsuit, and Settlement, October 8, 2009

  • Jonathan Band, Policy Bandwidth
The Controversy in Context, October 8, 2009
  • James Grimmelmann, New York Law School
L is for Lawsuit, October 9, 2009
  • Moderator: Richard Chused, New York Law School; Panelists: Jonathan Band, Policy Bandwidth, Michael Guzman, Kellogg, Huber, Hansen, Todd, Evans & Figel, PLLC, Cynthia Arato, Macht, Shapiro, Arato, & Isserles LLP
I is for Industry, October 9, 2009
  • Moderator: Steven Hetcher, Vanderbilt Univeristy; Panelists: Michael Cairns, Information Media Partners, Dan Clancy, Google, Michael Healy, Book Industry Study Group, Andrew DeVore, DeVore and DeMarco LLP, Victor Perlman, American Society of Media Photographers
K is for Keynote, October 9, 2009
  • Moderator: James Grimmelmann, New York Law School; Keynote Conversants: Paul Courant, University of Michigan, Pamela Samuelson, University of California at Berkeley
C is for Culture, October 9, 2009
  • Moderator: Camille Broussard, New York Law School; Panelists: Paul Duguid, University of California at Berkeley, Mary Murrell, University of California at Berkeley, Daniel Reetz,, Robin Sloan, author and futurist
P is for Public, October 9, 2009
  • Moderator: Frank Pasquale, Seton Hall University; Panelists: Cindy Cohn, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Chris Danielsen, National Federation of the Blind, John Verdi, Electronic Privacy Information Center, Carrie Russell, American Library Association, Lateef Mtima, Howard University
O is for Orphans, October 10, 2009
  • Moderator: Wendy Gordon, Boston University; Panelists: Bernard Lang, INRIA, Michelle Woods, Copyright Office, Jule Sigall, Microsoft, Harry Lewis, Harvard University, Katharina de la Durantaye, St. Johns University, School of Law
A is for Antitrust Part 1 & Part 2, October 10, 2009
  • Moderator: Christopher Suarez, Yale University; Panelists: Einer Elhauge, Harvard University, Gary Reback, Carr & Ferrell LLP, Matthew Schruers, Computer and Communications Industry Association, Sherwin Siy, Public Knowledge
The Federalist Society, Implications of the Google Book Search Settlement, December 14, 2009
  • Richard A. Epstein, James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago and Visiting Professor of Law, New York University Law School and Jonathan M. Jacobson, Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati. The discussion was led by Scott Hemphill of Columbia Law.
PBS Newshour, Google’s Goal: Digitize Every Book Ever Printed, December 30, 2009
  • Dan Clancy, director of Google Books; Michael Keller, Stanford librarian; Gary Reback, attorney representing the Open Book Alliance; Pam Samuelson, law professor at UC-Berkeley; and Amy Thomas, bookstore owner
Internet Society’s Google Book Settlement Workshop Webcast(audio only), Google Book Settlement Workshop Webcast(video), January 20, 2010
  • Paul Aiken of the Authors Guild, James Grimmelmann of New York Law School and Lyn Chu of Writers’ Reps LLC
Australian Broadcasting Commission’s, Rear View (audio only)

J. Craig Williams and Bob Ambrogi, Lawyer 2 Lawyer, The Google Books Settlement, March 4, 2010

  • James Grimmelmann of New York Law School and Jonathan Band of Policy Bandwith.
2010 ACLS Annual Meeting, “The Google Books Settlement: Implications for Scholarship” May 7, 2010

American Library Association Washington, Panel Discussion on Life after the Google Book Search Settlement (GBS) June 26, 2010

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General-Audience Essays

Maria Bustillos , One Google Books to Rule Them All?, The Awl, October 26, 2011

Jonathan Band , A Guide for the Perplexed: Libraries and the Google Library Project Settlement, American Library Association and the Association of Research Libraries, November 13, 2008

Jonathan Band , A Guide for the Perplexed Part PART II: The Amended Google-Michigan Agreement, American Library Association, Association of College and Research Libraries, and Association of Research Libraries, June 12, 2009

Jonathan Band, A Guide for the Perplexed Part III:The Amended Settlement Agreement, American Library Association, Association of College and Research Libraries, and Association of Research Libraries, November 23, 2009

Jonathan Band, The Long and Winding Road to the Google Books Settlement, The John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law, 2009

David Bearman, Jean-Noël Jeanneney’s Critique of Google: Private Sector Book Digitization and Digital Library Policy, D-Lib Magazine, December 2006

Paul Courant, What’s at Stake in the Google Book Search Settlement, The Economists’ Voice, October 2009

Analysis of the proposed settlement by the Center for Democracy & Technology

Robert Darnton, The Library: Three Jeremiads, The New York Review of Books, November 23, 2010

Responding to One of Darnton’s Three Jeremiads — the Google Books Settlement, Society for Scholarly Publishing, The Scholarly Kitchen, January 3 2011

Can We Create a National Digital Library?, The New York Review of Books, October 28, 2010

The Library in the New Age, The New York Review of Books, June 12, 2008

  • Marc Aronson with a reply by Robert Darnton , [Google Without Pix](, in response to Darnton’s [The Library in the New Age](, The New York Review of Books, July 17, 2008

Robert Darnton, Google & the Future of Books, New York Review of Books, February 12, 2009 Michael Hirschorn, The Hapless Seed, The Atlantic, June 2007

Lewis Hyde, Advantage Google, New York Sunday Book Review, October 1, 2009

Martin Kaste, Google Deal With Publishers Raises Privacy Concerns, NPR, August 12, 2009

Kevin Kelly, Scan This Book!, New York Times Magazine, May 14, 2006

Gillian Spraggs, The Google Book Settlement: a Survival Aid for UK authors, December 2009

Gillian Spraggs, Information about the Google Book Settlement for any poet, short story writer, essayist or other writer who has had work published in anthologies or collections edited by other people, January 2010

Jeffrey Toobin, Google’s Moon Shot: The Quest for the Universal Library The New Yorker, February 5, 2007

Jason Epstein, Books@Google, The New York Review of Books, October 19, 2006

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Google Blogs

Google Booksearch Blog

Official Google Blog

Google Public Policy Blog

Dan Clancy, Modifications to the Google Books Settlement, Google Public Policy Blog, November 13, 2009

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Institutional Analysis

Just Google It!, Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law, The Google Book Search Settlement: A Law And Economic Analysis, May 01, 2011

Digital Public Library of America, The Berkman Center, What models already exist in other national initiatives with regard to copyrighted and orphan works, February 17, 2011

American Library Association, Association of Research Libraries and Association of College and Research Libraries, The Google Books Settlement: Who Is Filing And What Are They Saying?

Congressional Research Service, The Google Library Project:Is Digitization for Purposes of Online Indexing Fair Use Under Copyright Law, November 27, 2009

William Morris Endeavor, Statement on Opt-Out Recommendation to Clients, August 14, 2009

Public-Interest Book Search Initiative at New York Law School, Objections to the Google Books Settlement and Responses in the Amended Settlement: A Report

Sam Ricketson, Memorandum of Advice: The Compatability of the Proposed Google Book Settlement with the Provisions of the Berne Convention, September 9, 2009

Jonathan Band on behalf of the Library Copyright Alliance, GBS March Madness: Paths Forward for the Google Books Settlement, March 4, 2010

Cynthia Arato, The Google Books Settlement, May 2010 (discussing international copyright issues)

European Commission, Assessment of the Orphan works issue and Costs of Rights Clearance, May 2010

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Library Blogs

Ivy Anderson, Hurtling Toward the Finish Line: Should the Google Books Settlement Be Approved?, University of California: California Digital Library, February 16, 2010

David Bigwood, Google Books API and the OPAC,, March 17, 2008

Adam Corson-Finnerty, Google Book Settlement—For Librarians, Musings of Mine, December 31, 2008

Paul Courant,On Being in Bed with Google, Au Courant Blog, November 4, 2007

Quick response to Siva Vaidhyanathan, Au Courant Blog, November 6, 2007

Teaching School, Au Courant Blog, November 12, 2007

John Wilkin and others on Openness and its opposites, Au Courant Blog, April 26, 2008

“Less than perfect” is not always bad, Au Courant Blog, October 21, 2008

The Google Settlement – From the Universal Library to the Universal Bookstore, Au Courant Blog, October 28, 2008

Orphan Works Legislation and the Google Settlement Au Courant blog, March 15, 2009

Microsoft Exits the Mass Digitization Business, Au Courant Blog, May 31, 2009

Walt Crawford, Perspective: The Google Books Search Settlement, Cites and Insights, March 2009

James J. Duderstadt, Will Google’s Book Scan Project Transform Academia?, Librarian and Information Science News, July 8, 2009

Barbara Fister, Libraries on Planet Google, ACRLog, November 4, 2008

Sarah Glazer, Future of Books, CQ Researcher, June 5, 2009

Eric Hellman, Notes from the Google Books Fairness Hearing, Go-to-Hellman, February 19, 2010

Michael Hickins, Writer Says Google Book Search Deal Has Monopoly Potential,, January 26, 2009

Peter Hirtle, Google Books Settlement at Columbia: Part 1, Part 2, LibraryLaw Blog, March 15, 2009

The Google Book Settlement and the Public Domain, LibraryLaw Blog, April 9, 2009

Google Book Settlement, orphan works, and foreign works, LibraryLaw Blog, April 21, 2009

Why the Google Books Settlement is Better Than Orphans Work Legislation, LibraryLaw Blog, May 27, 2009

GBS: A Legislative Solution?, LibraryLaw Blog, November 8, 2009

Abhijeet Kashyap, Google Unearths Trove Of Hidden Books Online,, January 6, 2009

Timothy B. Lee, Google Book Search, Class Actions and the Separation of Powers, Cato @ Library, September 15, 2009

Timothy B. Lee, The Libertarian Case against the Google Book Search Deal, Cato @ Library, September 14, 2009

Mark Liberman, The Google Books Settlement, The Language Log, August 28, 2009.

Blogged in response to Geoff Nunberg’s presentation: Google Books: The Metadata Mess, presented at UC Berkley, August 28, 2009.

Betsy McKenzie , The Google Book Project & Settlement Discussion at Boston Public Library, Out of the Jungle, July 22, 2009

The University of Michigan Library, The University of Michigan and Google Amended Digitization Agreement

Mary Minow and Peter Hirtle, Virginia Makes the Google Settlement Better for Libraries, LibraryLaw Blog, March 21, 2010

Peter Murray, Google Book Search Settlement and Library Consortia, Disruptive Library Technology Jester, November 25, 2008

John Mark Ockerbloom, Google Book settlement: Alternatives and alterations, Everybody’s Libraries, September 17, 2009

Interesting Bits in the Univ of Michigan Amendment to Google Book Search Agreement, Disruptive Library Technology Jester, May 22, 2009

Google Book Search Privacy, Orphan Works, and Monopoly, Disruptive Library Technology Jester, June 29, 2009

Tom Peters, Wooden Dominoes, ALA Techsource, February 6, 2007

Paul Pister, Google and AAP Settle, The Distant Librarian, October 28, 2008

Paul Pival, Google-brary- The Status Quo of Tomorrow’s MegaLibrary, The Distant Librarian, October 26, 2005

Jana Purmalis, The Google Book Settlement & its Impact on Libraries, The Digital Odyssey 2009, June 12, 2009

Jens Redmer, (Head of Google Book Search Europe, Middle East, and Africa), The Bavarian State Library becomes largest non-English Library Partner, Inside Google Book Search, March 6, 2007

Kevin Smith, Looking for the Devil in the Details, Scholarly Communications@Duke, November 7, 2008

Danny Sullivan, When OCR goes Bad: Google’s Ngram Viewer & The F-Word, SearchEngineLand, December 19, 2010

Danny Sullivan, Google Book Search Puts Magazines Online, SearchEngineLand, December 9, 2008

Jenni Terry, Library associations release guide to Google Book Search amended agreement, ALA Blog, June 17, 2009

Ed Valauskas, The Googlization of Libraries: Debunking the Internet Godzilla Myth, The Shifted Librarian, February 15, 2006

Scott Walter, Widespread Ignorance About Google B.S., ACRLog, May 15, 2009

Stuart Weibel, Cows and the Colossus, Weibel Lines, January 8, 2007

Laura Weinstein, Untangling Orphaned Works in the Proposed Google Book Search Settlement, May 21, 2009

Jane, Google Book Settlement Take 2: Still Creating a Blackwater for Books, November 14, 2009

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Publishing Blogs

Rick Anderson, Google Book Settlement – Opponents 1, Google 0, the scholarly kitchen, March 23, 2011

Chris Dannen, What Can The Book Business Learn From iTunes?, FastCompany, January 6, 2009

Google Book Search: Industry-Friendly, Consumer Not-So-Friendly, Booksquare, March 13, 2006

Kassia Krozer, Google Book Search, Google Print, The Plot Comes Together, Booksquare, December 1, 2006

Google, Publishers, Authors Guild Settle, BookSquare, October 28, 2008

Google Book Search and Reader Privacy: A Consideration and Call to Action, BookSquare, April 29, 2009

Google Book Search: What Is Plan B?, BookSquare, May 5, 2009

Adam Hodgkin, What Should Google Do Next?, Exact Editions, September 23, 2009

Lynley Hood, Google Steals NZ Taonga & Rips Off Law Commisioners, Beattie’s Book Blog, August 18, 2009

Steven Levy, Who’s Messing With the Google Book Settlement? Hint: They’re in Redmond, Washington,, March 31, 2009

Hugh McGuire, Nice going, Authors Guild, The Book Oven Blog, July 11, 2009

Elinor Mills, Would Thomas Jefferson have Googled?, Technology News, February 7, 2006

Kristin Nelson, A Little Tidbit Re: Google Settlement, Romancing the Blog, April 3, 2009

Peter Osnos, Judgment Day for the Google Book Pact, The Atlantic, September 22, 2009

C.E. Petit, Author’s Guild v. Google, The 2008 Proposed Settlement, Scrivenor’s Error: Warped Weft, October-November 2008

Ian Russell, More on the Google Settlement…, The Association of Learned Professional and Professional Society Publishers, November 7, 2008

Sarah Sheard, Calling Canadian Writers: join our anti-Google petition!, Writers’ Roundup, January 1, 2010

Victoria Strauss, Author’s Guild Settles with Google, Writer Beware Blog, October 28, 2008

Danny Sullivan, Google’s Schmidt To Book Settlement Critics: What’s Your Solution?, Search Engine Land, September 16, 2009

Justice Prevails: The Deal is Done, PersonaNonData, September 22, 2009

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