S 13.3

Time for Filing Deadline for Registration/Claim Forms. Rightsholdersmay register to participate in the Settlement at any time, provided that a Rightsholder who may be eligible for a Cash Payment pursuant to Section 5.1 (Cash Payment to Class Members Whose Books and Inserts Have Been Digitized) shall be required to complete and submit the portion of the Claim Form relating to the claim for such Cash Payment within one year of the Notice Commencement Date by midnight, Eastern Time, March 31, 2011 or such other time as the Court may order.

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  1. By The Public Index Blog on February 12, 2011 at 7:06 pm

    […] fairness hearing on February 18, 2010. As particularly close followers of the settlement know, the deadline for claiming the $60 one-time cash payment for already-scanned works is March 31, 2011. These two […]