S 05.3.1

(a) Initial Settlement Deposit. No later than ten (10) Business Days after the Settlement Agreement Date, Google shall deposit the amount of Google deposited twelve million United States dollars (U.S. $12 million) (the “Initial Settlement Deposit”) on November 10, 2008 into an interest bearing escrow account by wire transfer to the Depository Bank. The Initial Settlement Deposit, and any additional funds from the Final Settlement Deposit that Google may deposit pursuant to agreement of Google and Class Counsel, shall be held in escrow in the Settlement Fund and administered by the Settlement Administrator, Class Counsel and the Depository Bank, pursuant to an escrow agreement approved by Class Counsel and Google and subject to Section 5.3(f) (Investment). Pursuant to the terms of the escrow agreement, upon the Effective Date, any and all rights of Google to the Initial Settlement Deposit, any such additional funds, and any interest or income earned thereon shall cease to exist. Consequently, the terms of the escrow agreement will provide that, as of the Effective Date, the entire balance of the Initial Settlement Deposit and any such additional funds shall be in the sole control of Class Counsel, subject to Section 5.3(d) (Limitation of Use).

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