S 05.3.7

(g) Payment of Administrative Costs. Prior to the Effective Date, disbursements may be made from the Initial Settlement Deposit, or any additional funds that may have been paid pursuant to Section 5.3(a) (Initial Settlement Deposit), for reasonable expenses actually incurred in paying Administrative Costs, in a total amount not to exceed twelve million United States dollars (U.S. $12 million), or such other amount as Google and Class Counsel may agree, without further order of the Court, and the amounts for Administrative Costs incurred (including accrued-but-not-yet-paid expenses) shall not be refundable to Google in the event this Amended Settlement Agreement is disapproved, voided, or otherwise fails to become final. No other payments, disbursement, or transfers of any kind from the Settlement Fund, including Class Counsel’s attorneys’ fees and costs of litigation, shall be made prior to the Effective Date without leave of Court for good cause shown. Google shall have no responsibility for the administration, operation, investment or distribution of the Settlement Fund. Plaintiffs shall use commercially reasonable efforts to minimize expenditures from the Settlement Fund.

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