(iii) Unclaimed Works Fiduciary. The Charter will provide that the Registry’s power to act with respect to the exploitation of unclaimed Books and Inserts under the Amended Settlement will be delegated to an independent fiduciary (the “Unclaimed Works Fiduciary”) as set forth in Sections 3.2(e)(i) (Change Requests by Rightsholders), 3.10 (Specific Prohibitions), 4.2(c)(i) (Pricing Bins), 4.3 (Preview Uses), 4.5(b)(ii) (Consumer Purchases), 4.7 (Additional Revenue Models), 6.2 (Charter), and 6.3 (Unclaimed Funds and Public Domain Funds) of the Amended Settlement Agreement and Sections 3.2 and 3.3 (Procedures for Changing Classification of a Book) of the Author-Publisher Procedures, and otherwise as the Board of Directors of the Registry deems appropriate. The Unclaimed Works Fiduciary will be a person or entity that is not a published book author or book publisher (or an officer, director or employee of a book publisher). The Unclaimed Works Fiduciary (and any successor) will be chosen by a supermajority vote of the Board of Directors of the Registry and will be subject to Court approval.

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