(v)(b) Organizational Structure.The Registry will be organized on a basis that allows the Registry, among other things, to (i) represent the interests of Rightsholders in connection with this Settlement Agreement, (ii) respond in a timely manner to requests by Google, Fully Participating Libraries and Cooperating Libraries, and (iii) to the extent permitted by law, license Rightsholders’ U.S. copyrights to third parties. The Registry will have equal representation of the Author Sub-Class and the Publisher Sub-Class on its Board of Directors, with each act of the Board requiring a majority of the directors, with such majority including at least one director who is a representative of the Author Sub-Class and one director who is a representative of the Publisher Sub-Class. The Charter will also direct the Registry to follow the guidelines in this Settlement Agreement regarding Unclaimed Funds and Public Domain Funds described in Section 6.3 (Unclaimed Funds and Public Domain Funds)Limitations. In addition, the Charter will prohibit the Registry from coordinating Rightsholders for purposes of representing them as a sub-group regarding any matter under this Amended Settlement Agreement, or working with any sub-group of Rightsholders to exclude their Books from Display Uses or Non-Display Uses, or to advocate that any sub-group of Rightsholders decrease its participation in the Settlement in any manner. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing herein shall limit or restrict the Registry from being able to represent the interests of all Author Sub-Class members as a sub-group or all Publisher Sub-Class members as a sub-group.

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