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L UM 04.4.02

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Use of U of M Digital Copy in Cooperative Web Services. Except as set forth in Section 4.4.3 and the terms of U of M’s Library-Registry (Fully Participating) Agreement and this Section, and provided U of M has obtained all necessary permissions, rights, and licenses from third parties, U of M shall have the right to use the U of M Digital Copy, in whole or in part at U of M’s sole discretion, as part of web services offered in cooperation with partner academic libraries and/or partner public research libraries (such as the New York Public Library), including, without limitation, the institutions in the Association of Research Libraries, Digital Library Federation and similar organizations. Such services may include, without limitation, indexes and finding tools, as well as the reproduction and display of the U of M Digital Copy, to the extent not otherwise prohibited by this Agreement and U of M’s Library-Registry (Fully Participating) Agreement. Before U of M makes any such use that involves the distribution of one or more Digital Copies included within the U of M Digital Copy to any such library, such library must enter into a written agreement with Google, the form of which Google will provide to U of M. Such agreement will (a) prohibit such receiving library from redistributing such Digital Copies from the U of M Digital Copy to any third party, except that U of M may authorize such library to redistribute such Digital Copies as an agent and on behalf of U of M subject to the rights and restrictions set forth in this Agreement, provided U of M would have the right under this Agreement to make such redistribution directly, (b) limit the receiving library’s use of such Digital Copies from the U of M Digital Copy to the sole purpose of providing cooperative web services as set forth herein, which limitations on use shall in all events be at least as restrictive as those placed on U of M’s use of the U of M Digital Copy in this Agreement and, if applicable, the Library-Registry (Fully Participating) Agreement, and (c) require such receiving library (i) to use reasonable efforts to prevent third parties from bulk downloading substantial portions of such Digital Copies, and (ii) to implement technological measures (e.g., through use of the robots.txt protocol) to restrict automated access to any part of such entity’s website where substantial portions of such Digital Copies are available. U of M will have the right to approve those sections of the form of such agreement that grant any rights that materially differ from the rights granted to U of M with respect to the use of such portions of the U of M Digital Copy in the Agreement.

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