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(iii) Foreign Uses. If Google, (A) to the extent authorized by the holder of relevant rights in a particular in-copyright work, includes such work in the Non-Settlement Subscription or uses such work in any other manner in which Protected content is displayed that generates any revenue to Google (other than any use in which such Protected content is provided to users free of charge), in either case in one or more countries other than the United States, and such holder has rights to authorize such uses both within the United States and in such other countries, and (B) such work set forth in (A) is a Non-Settlement Work, then Google will permit U of M, if a subscriber to the Non-Settlement Subscription (or the portion thereof comprising works in the Available Content) as provided in paragraph (i) and/or Institutional Purchase as provided in paragraph (ii), above, to have access to such work through the Non-Settlement Subscription and/or Institutional Purchase (as the case may be) for its users in such other countries (in addition to access for its United States users as contemplated by paragraphs (i) and (ii), above).

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