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L UM 04.5.1

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Google use of Google Digital Copy. Subject to the restrictions set forth in this section, Google may use the Google Digital Copy, in whole or in part at Google’s sole discretion, as part being in the public domain or for which Google has obtained permission from the relevant copyright holder(s), Google may among other things index the full text and serve and display full-sized digital images corresponding to those portions. For all other portions of the Google Digital Copy, Google may index the full text but may not serve and display (1) an excerpt that Google reasonably determines would constitute fair use under copyright law and (2) bibliographic (e.g., title, author, date, etc) and other non-copyrighted information. If U of M discovers that digital images being served and displayed full-size by Google are subject to copyright restrictions, U of M shall notify Google in writing and Google shall cease serving and displaying such images full-size. Furthermore, to address situations where Google believed it had the right to serve full-sized digital images but was incorrect in such belief, Google shall implement processes (e.g., notice and takedown) that facilitate the ability of copyright holders to request removal of such digital images from the index.

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