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L UM A.04.4

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d. Matters Related to Use of Digital Copies in Lieu of Library Scans. The provisions of this Paragraph 4(d) will apply to the Institution only if the Institution has provided to Google and/or Google has created not less than 50,000 Institution Library Scans from the Institution’s Selected Content. From and after the date that the number of Excluded Replaced Books first exceeds the lesser of (1) 200,000, or two percent (2%) of all Books that are not Commercially Available as to which Library Scans at any time were made by or for Google (the “Exclusion Threshold”), then Google will, for all Excluded Replaced Books as to which a Library Scan at any time was made by or for Google from the Institution’s Selected Content and which becomes an Excluded Replaced Book following the date the Exclusion Threshold is reached, obtain for and provide to the Institution rights and functionality with respect to such Excluded Replaced Books materially equivalent to the rights and functionality of an Institutional Subscription then held by the Institution (and subject to the terms and conditions thereof) had the Excluded Replaced Book been available as part of such Institutional Subscription. An “Excluded Replaced Book” is a Book as to which (i) a Library Scan at any time was made by or for Google; (ii) the Rightsholder has (x) Removed the Book (when it existed as a Library Scan) pursuant to Section 3.5(a) of the Settlement Agreement and subsequently restored such Book to the terms of the Settlement Agreement and Google has not made a Library Scan of such Book following such restoration, or (y) excluded a Book that is not Commercially Available from Institutional Subscriptions pursuant to Section 3.5(b) of the Settlement Agreement; (iii) a Digital Copy (other than a Library Scan) is made by or for Google subsequent or incident to such Removal or exclusion; and (iv) the Rightsholder has authorized and Google has offered, pursuant to the Settlement Agreement, Consumer Purchases or any Other Revenue Models for the Book.

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