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S 01.111

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Principal Work” means a Book’s principal written work. A Principal Work can be a collective work, such as a collection of short stories or plays. A Book contains only one Principal Work but may contain other text, such as a foreword, afterword and annotations. A foreign language translation or an abridged version of a Principal Work is a different Principal Work. Two (2) or more Books that contain the same Principal Work but that each contains different or additional Protected Expression are considered to be different Books. By way of example, two (2) Books that have the same Principal Work (e.g., The Old Man and the SeaTo Kill a Mockingbird) but have different forewords or additional annotations (e.g., the Hueber VerlagJ.B. Lippincott and the ScribnerHarper Collins editions) are different Books under this Amended Settlement Agreement. A hard cover Book and a soft cover Book may have the same Principal Work, but are considered different Books under this Amended Settlement Agreement (even if they contain no additional matter) if the hard cover Book and the soft cover Book have different ISBNs.

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