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S 01.090

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Non-Consumptive Research” means research in which computational analysis is performed on one or more Books, but not research in which a researcher reads or displays substantial portions of a Book to understand the intellectual content presented within the Book. Categories of Non-Consumptive Research include:

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S 01.090.1

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(a) Image Analysis and Text Extraction – Computational analysis of the Digitized image artifact to either improve the image (e.g., de-skewing) or extracting textual or structural information from the image (e.g., OCR).

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S 01.090.2

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(b) Textual Analysis and Information Extraction – Automated techniques designed to extract information to understand or develop relationships among or within Books or, more generally, in the body of literature contained within the Research Corpus. This category includes tasks such as concordance development, collocation extraction, citation extraction, automated classification, entity extraction, and natural language processing.

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S 01.090.3

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(c) Linguistic Analysis – Research that performs linguistic analysis over the Research Corpus to understand language, linguistic use, semantics and syntax as they evolve over time and across different genres or other classifications of Books.

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S 01.090.4

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(d) Automated Translation – Research on techniques for translating works from one language to another.

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S 01.090.5

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(e) Indexing and Search – Research on different techniques for indexing and search of textual content.

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