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S 02.1.2

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(b) Cash Payment. Google shall pay a minimum of forty-five million United States dollars (U.S. $45 million) into the Settlement Fund to pay Amended Settlement Class members whose Books and Inserts have been Digitized prior to the Opt-Out Deadline. on or before May 5, 2009. Such forty-five million United States dollars (U.S. $45 million) will be distributed from the Settlement Fund in the form of Cash Payments of at least sixty United States dollars (U.S. $60) per Principal Work; fifteen United States dollars (U.S. $15) per Entire Insert; and five United States dollars (U.S. $5) per Partial Insert in accordance with the Plan of Allocation. To the extent that funds greater than forty-five million United States dollars(U.S. $45 million) are required in order to pay every such Amended Settlement Class member his, her or its Cash Payment, Google shall make an additional payment to enable such Cash Payments to be made to the Rightsholders from the Settlement Fund. To the extent fundsremain from the forty-five million United States dollars (U.S. $45 million) after all Cash Payments are made, such excess will be distributed pursuant to the Plan of Allocation.

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