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S 03.10.2

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(b) Prohibitions on Linking. Except as expressly permitted by this Amended Settlement Agreement or otherwise by Registered Rightsholders or, for unclaimed Books, by the Unclaimed Works Fiduciary, Rightsholders or the Registry, Google shall not create hyperlinks to Preview Use Book pages permitted by the terms of this Amended Settlement Agreement from revenue generating products or services if the effect of those links in the aggregate is to detract from revenue under this Amended Settlement Agreement that the Rightsholder(s) of such Book(s) would realize if the links did not exist, unless such services or products (i) are search services (including, for example, Google Web Search, Google Earth and other Google services that show search results by browsing instead of by entering a search query), or (ii) have the effect of making discovery of Books easier, more efficient, more widespread, or more useful. If Plaintiffs or any Rightsholders believe that this Section 3.10(b) (Prohibitions on Linking) has been violated, as Plaintiffs’ and Rightsholders’ sole remedy and Google’s sole obligation, the Registry will notify Google of the existence of such links and if it is agreed or an Arbitrator, pursuant to Article IX (Dispute Resolution), determines that this Section 3.10(b) (Prohibitions on Linking) has been violated, Google will expeditiously remove said links or come to a separate agreement with the Registry to permit them.

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