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  1. Gillian Spraggs says:

    A rights-holder may exclude works from advertising uses, as stated above but I can find no provision for a rights-holder to state objections to certain kinds of advertisement.

    It was reported last November that Google Adsense served anti-gay marriage ads to a large number of gay websites. In May this year Google’s subsidiary Doubleclick (apparently) served an anti-gay marriage ad to at least one journal on LiveJournal.

    There is nothing in the Settlement Agreement to prevent Google from serving similar ads against, say, novels by James Baldwin or poems by Adrienne Rich.

    Endless similar examples might be imagined.

(iii) Advertising Content. Google may not place on, behind or over the contents of a Book or portion thereof (including on Preview Use pages or Snippet Display pages), as displayed to a user, any pop-up, pop-under, or any other types of advertisements or content of any kind. In addition to a Rightsholder’s right to exclude one or more of his, her or its Books from Advertising Uses pursuant to Section 3.5(b)(i) (Right to Exclude), the Registry is authorized to act on behalf of Rightsholders that are not Registered Rightsholders to Unclaimed Works Fiduciary may exclude from Advertising Uses one or more Unclaimed Books of such Rightsholders if Google displays animated, audio or video advertisements in conjunction with those Books and the Registry determines that exclusion from such Advertising Uses is in the best interests of such Rightsholders. of such unclaimed Books.

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