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S 03.13

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Communication of Rightsholder Directions to Google. Rightsholders shall communicate to the Registry or, at their election and provided that Google implements an Online interface for such purpose, directly to Google, all directions for Removal, exclusion, inclusion, and pricing, and any other directions for Books and Inserts provided for in this Amended Settlement Agreement. If, however, a Rightsholder communicates directly with Google, then Google shall, before implementing any such direction, (a) notify the Registry and provide the Registry with the Rightsholder’s contact information and direction and (b) subject to Section 13.2 (Validating and Challenging Claims), receive confirmation from the Registry that (i) for Books, the Person communicating with Google is an appropriate Rightsholder under the Author-Publisher Procedures, and (ii) Google is authorized to implement such direction under this Amended Settlement Agreement, including (for Books) the Author-Publisher Procedures. The Registry will promptly respond to any such notification and request for confirmation from Google and, in any event, within the same period of time as the Registry typically responds to requests directly from Rightsholders to the Registry.

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