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(2) List. Google shall identify to the Registry books that it has determined to be Public Domain Books pursuant to the process set forth in Attachment E (Public Domain) and for which Google wants the safe harbor described in Section 3.2(d)(v)(3) (Safe Harbor). For each such book, Google shall provide the supporting reasons and information that Attachment E (Public Domain) requires. At any time, the Registry or a Rightsholder may notify Google that it or a Rightsholder believes that any such book is not a Public Domain Book (with supporting reasons and information) and, upon receipt of such notice, Google shall promptly review the supporting reasons and information and shall either (a) re-classify the Book as in copyright or (b) notify the Registry and any notifying Rightsholder that Google continues to believe the book is a Public Domain Book. Any disputes with respect to whether a book is a Public Domain Book shall be resolved pursuant to Article IX (Dispute Resolution); in any such dispute, the burdens of proof as to whether the book is in copyright or in the public domain under the Copyright Act in the United States (and the allocation and shifting of such burdens) shall be as if the action were one for copyright infringement brought under the Copyright Act.

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