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(iii) Limitations on Right to Remove. The right to Remove under Section 3.5(a)(i) (Right to Remove) is limited to requests made within twenty-seven (27) months from the Notice Commencement Date on or before April 5, 2011 for Removal as described in Section 1.126(a) (Removed) or after April 5, 2011 but on or before March 9, 2012, for Removal as described in Section 1.126(b) (Removed). Thereafter, requests will be honored only to the extent that the Books have not yet been Digitized as of the date the request is made; if the Books at issue have already been Digitized, the Rightsholder may request exclusion from particular Display Uses (under Section 3.5(b)(i) (Right to Exclude)) but not Removal (under Section 3.5(a)(i) (Right to Remove)).

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