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(iii) Coupling Requirement. Notwithstanding Section 3.5(b)(i) (Right to Exclude), if the Rightsholder of any Library Work authorizes Consumer Purchase or any new additional Revenue Model that may be developed pursuant to Section 4.7 (New Additional Revenue Models) (except for any new additional Revenue Model in which access to the Library Scan of that Library Work is provided to users free of charge) of or for such Library Work and Google uses a Library Scan of such Library Work for Consumer Purchase or for such new additional Revenue Model, then the Rightsholder authorizes Google to include such Library Work in all Institutional Subscriptions (the “Coupling Requirement”); provided, however, that if a Library Work is Commercially Available as of the Notice Commencement Date or becomes Commercially Available at any time during the two (2)-year period after the Notice Commencement Date, the Coupling Requirement will not apply to that Library Work; provided, further, that if, at any time after the end of such two (2)-year period, the Library Work ceases to be Commercially Available, then the Coupling Requirement shall thereafter apply to such Library Work if Google is using the Library Scan for Display Uses.

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