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(vii) Government Works and Public Domain Works. If a Rightsholder of an Insert in a Government Work or a Public Domain Book (not an Insert in a Book) directs Google to exclude its Insert from Display Uses, Google may elect to reject such direction. In the event of such a rejection, such Rightsholder may, notwithstanding any release in this Amended Settlement Agreement, bring either a judicial action in United States federal court against Google with respect to Google’s use of the Insert, in which judicial action the Rightsholder may seek to recover any and all relief available pursuant to the Copyright Act or, alternatively, the Rightsholder may initiate dispute resolution under Article IX (Dispute Resolution) with respect to Google’s rejection of the Rightsholder’s direction. If the Rightsholder prevails in such arbitration, (i) the Arbitrator shall issue an order prohibiting Google from making any and all Display Uses of such Insert that the Arbitrator determines would be an infringement of such Rightsholder’s Copyright Interest, (ii) Google shall pay the Rightsholder’s reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, including the cost of the arbitration, and (iii) the foregoing and any other injunctive relief deemed appropriate by the Arbitrator shall be Google’s sole obligation and the Rightsholder’s sole remedy for rejecting the Rightsholder’s direction for exclusion of its Insert in a Government Work or Public Domain Book from Display Uses (in addition to any award of injunctive relief, to prevent a continuing infringement of such Rightsholder’s Copyright Interest in his, her or its Insert, that may be awarded by the Arbitrator). Pending the Decision of the Arbitrator, Google shall stop any and all Display Uses of the Insert.

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