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S 04.1.4

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  1. Deven Desai says:

    So I know others have mentioned privacy concerns, but this clause seems to raise them starkly. Insofar as people have fought to allow libraries not to track what one reads, this system seems to require tracking of precisely who reads what. If people are using this system as a library (which is in fact part of the idea), then this provision seems to require further thought.

(d) Basic Features of Institutional Subscriptions. Institutional Subscriptions will enable users to view, copy/paste, and print pages of a Book, and may enable Book Annotations. With respect to copy/paste, the user will not be able to select, copy and paste more than four (4) pages of the content of a Display Book with a single copy/paste command. Printing will be on a page-by-page basis or a page range basis, but the user will not be able to select a page range that is greater than twenty (20) pages with one print command for printing. Google will include a visible watermark on pages printed from the Institutional Subscription Database, which identifies the material as copyrighted and displays encrypted session identifying information provided by the subscribing institution during such session, and which could be used to identify the authorized user that printed the material or the access point from which the material was printed. Such watermark will not obscure the content of the printed pages.

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