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S 04.1.7

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(g) Beta Testing. Google may provide Institutional Subscriptions to a limited number of institutions as a beta product free of charge prior to the initial launch. Unless otherwise agreed by the Registry, Google shall be authorized to offer Institutional Subscriptions in beta form to up to five (5) Fully Participating Libraries and Cooperating Libraries, up to two (2) Public Libraries, up to two (2) not-for-profit institutions within each of the Carnegie Classifications for Institutions of Higher Education within the United States and, as agreed between Google and the Registry, other libraries. At least one institution from each such category of institutions shall be included in the beta-test group. Google shall provide to the Registry all pricing-related data collected from these beta-test partners to assist in the pricing for the versions of the Institutional Subscriptions. Once the beta Institutional Subscription is launched, Google shall be able to continue to support then-existing beta customers until the earlier of (i) two (2) years from the launch of the beta product (unless a longer period of time is agreed by the Registry) or (ii) launch of the Institutional Subscription.

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