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  1. Gillian Spraggs says:

    ‘Consumer Purchase will enable purchasers to view … print pages of a Book’

    Google has clarified that in these circumstances the book will not be downloadable; it will be held on a server, ‘in the cloud’.

    This provision is evidently intended to reassure rights-holders that their works will be safe from being pirated. In fact, it offers virtually no protection. Anyone who doesn’t believe me should investigate the use of the PrintScr key on their keyboard, and of readily available (and perfectly legal) screen capture software.

  2. You don’t even need print-screen; Google has been strongly hiting that you just need to copy-and-paste in four-page increments. There won’t be an overall limit, so far as I’ve heard. I’ve heard the four- and twenty-page limits described as speed bumps, rather than an attempt at a fully secure system.

  3. Gillian Spraggs says:

    Google has been strongly hinting that you just need to copy-and-paste in four-page increments<\i>

    That’s very interesting. Can you point to a specific statement from the company that would support that? I’d rather taken it that the four pages was an absolute limit per work.

    One of the things that seems apparent is that Google in its public statements is trying to address (at least) two different constituencies, with widely differing, indeed, opposed interests: readers who are hoping for wider access to books at low (or no) cost and the copyright maximalists and protectionists among the publishers and authors. (Its own interests are not necessarily the same as those of either group.)

  4. Gillian Spraggs says:

    “speed bumps”: I see that a statement to that effect, and in very much those terms, was given to Claude Almansi by the counsel for the authors. Thank you; this is a useful reference.

(a) Basic Features of Consumer Purchase. Consumer Purchase will enable purchasers to view, copy/paste and print pages of a Book, and may enable Book Annotations. With respect to copy/paste, the user will not be able to select, copy and paste more than four (4) pages of the content of a Display Book with a single copy/paste command. Printing will be on a page-by-page basis or a page range basis, but the user will not be able to select a page range that is greater than twenty (20) pages with one print command for printing. Google will include a visible watermark on pages printed from the Consumer Purchase, which identifies the material as copyrighted and displays encrypted session identifying information, and which could be used to identify the authorized user that printed the material or the access point from which the material was printed. Such watermark will not obscure the content of the printed pages.

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(i) Alternative License Terms. In lieu of the basic features of Consumer Purchase set forth in Section 4.2(a) (Basic Features of Consumer Purchase), a Rightsholder may direct the Registry to make its Books available at no charge pursuant to one of several standard licenses or similar contractual permissions for use authorized by the Registry under which owners of works make their works available (e.g., Creative Commons Licenses), in which case such Books may be made available without the restrictions of such Section.

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