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(2) Development of Pricing Algorithm and Changes to Pricing Bin Distribution. Google will develop the Pricing Algorithm and unilaterally, with no involvement of or control by the Registry or any Rightsholder; provided, however, that Google employees and contractors who may be Rightsholders are not precluded from performing their assigned duties with respect to development of the Pricing Algorithm. In developing the Pricing Algorithm, Google will analyze sales data to ensure the reasonableness of the Pricing Algorithm. The Pricing Algorithm shall base the Settlement Controlled Price of a Book, on an individual Book by Book basis, upon aggregate data collected with respect to Books that are similar to such Book and will be designed to operate in a manner that simulates how an individual Book would be priced by a Rightsholder of that Book acting in a manner to optimize revenues in respect of such Book in a competitive market, that is, assuming no change in the price of any other Book. Based on the Pricing Algorithm, Google may change the price of an individual Book over time in response to sales data and in order to collect additional data to establish the optimal price for such Book. The distribution of Books sold on the basis of Settlement Controlled Prices among the Pricing Bins may change over time as the prices of individual Books are adjusted based on the Pricing Algorithm.

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