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(3) Validation of Pricing Algorithm. The Registry has the right to validate, through the use of a reasonable number of third-party experts, the reasonableness of the Pricing Algorithm and to verify that the conclusions it the Pricing Algorithm produces are statistically valid; provided that (a) Google has no obligation to disclose the Pricing Algorithm or any other Confidential Information of Google to the Registry or any third-party experts retained by the Registry, except as necessary for the Registry’s experts to validate the reasonableness of the Pricing Algorithm and to verify its conclusions, (b) Google will not be required to disclose Confidential Information of Google not originally developed for the Pricing Algorithm, (c) Google may not rely on or introduce into evidence any such non-disclosed Confidential Information in any arbitration pursuant to Article IX (Dispute Resolution) regarding the reasonableness of the Pricing Algorithm, and (d) Google bears the burden of proving that the Pricing Algorithm is reasonable. The Registry’s experts’ receipt of any Confidential Information of Google related to the Pricing Algorithm will be subject to strict non-disclosure agreements, provided that such experts may disclose their conclusions to the Registry and the Registry may disclose their conclusions to Rightsholders.

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