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(ii) No Preview Books. For Books in categories listed on Attachment F (Preview Uses) as No Preview, Google may conduct tests in consultation with the Registry to determine which Preview Use setting increases Book sales and revenues for Books in the different Pricing Bins set forth in Section 4.2(c)(i) (Pricing Bins). For purposes of such tests, Google may randomly select no more than five percent (5%) of the Books within a category in Attachment F (Preview Uses) for which No Preview is permitted and display those Books through Fixed Preview, Standard Preview or Continuous Preview for a limited time only as necessary to gather statistically significant information as to which Preview Use increases sales and revenues of such Book. At the Registry’s request, during the first ten (10) years after the Effective Date and thereafter by agreement between Google and the Registry, Google shall collect and provide to the Registry empirical data concerning the extent to which each Preview Use has an effect on Book sales and revenues (including data on the number of accesses and purchases of particular Books and categories of Books), to enable Rightsholders and the Registry to change the Preview Use settings or to modify the percentage of a Book displayed through Preview Use for Books or categories of Books. The Registry, in consultation with Google, shall be responsible for determining whether to modify Attachment F (Preview Uses) to move Books from No Preview to one of the other Preview Use settings taking into account the data provided by such tests and other data available to the Registry that is relevant to such Preview Use determination. The Registry shall make this decision taking into account whether the data indicate that sales and revenues of a particular category of Books included in Consumer Purchase will be increased by moving from No Preview to one of the other Preview Use settings and, considering such data, acting in the best interests of the Rightsholders of that category of Books to maximize revenues for those Rightsholders.

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