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(iii) Agreed Revenue Splits. Notwithstanding clauses (i) and (ii) above, for any Revenue Model(s) for any Book(s) classified as Commercially Available, Google and the Rightsholder(s) of such Book(s) each has the right to request that the other negotiate a revenue split different from the Standard Revenue Split for Advertising and the Standard Revenue Split for Purchases (together, the “Standard Revenue Splits”). If Google or a Rightsholder requests that the revenue split be negotiated for any Revenue Model(s) and Google and the Rightsholder are unable to agree on a revenue split different from the Standard Revenue Splits for such Revenue Model(s), then such Standard Revenue Splits (or the then applicable previously negotiated and agreed revenue split, if any) shall apply to such Books for that Revenue Model(s); provided that Google may choose not to make such Books available through such Revenue Model(s) as permitted under Section 3.7(e) (Google’s Exclusion of Books)) and the Rightsholder may choose to exclude its Book(s) from such Revenue Model(s) pursuant to Section 3.5(b) (Right to Exclude from Display Uses and Revenue Models). If Google and such Rightsholder(s) agree to a revenue split, then beginning within sixty (60) days after the date of such agreement, any calculations in Section 4.5(b) (Discounting, Special Offers and Subsidies) and any payments in Section 4.6 (Payment Terms) shall be based on such agreed revenue split rather than the Standard Revenue Splits. Google or the Rightsholder(s) shall notify the Registry of any agreed revenue split, the date of agreement to such revenue split, and the Books to which it applies. The Registry may not disclose information about any agreed revenue split with any Rightsholder (other than any other Rightsholder(s) of the Book(s) to which such agreed revenue split applies) unless such information is otherwise publicly available. Once a Book is classified as not Commercially Available, the Standard Revenue Splits shall apply beginning no later than sixty (60) days after such reclassification, notwithstanding any prior agreed revenue split between Google and a Rightsholder.

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