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S 04.6.2

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(b) Exceptions. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of Section 4.5 (Standard Revenue Splits and Discounting) and this Section 4.6 (Payment Terms), Google shall not be required to pay the Registry for (i) any purchase of or access to Books through any fraudulent or invalid means, including the fraudulent use of credit cards or other means of payment, as determined by Google in its sole discretion, (ii) purchases that are refunded prior to Google’s payment pursuant to Section 4.6(a) (Payment Terms), or (iii) purchases that are subject to a credit card charge back. Google reserves the right to grant refunds in its sole discretion. Google reserves the right to withhold payment to the Registry due to any of the foregoing, pending Google’s reasonable investigation. The Registry will cooperate with Google in its investigation of any of the foregoing. Google will not seek any refunds from the Registry or Rightsholders for amounts once paid to the Registry.

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