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S 04.6.5

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(e) Audit Rights.The Registry may, upon thirty (30) days’ prior notice and at its own expense, retain a nationally recognized independent and mutually-acceptable independent auditor (whose fees are not contingency based), under a duty of confidentiality to Google, to review and audit Google’s relevant records to confirm the payments due under Section 4.5 (Standard Revenue Splits and Discounting). The audit shall: (a) be subject to Google’s security and confidentiality requirements; (b) occur no more than once every calendar year and not during the first or last three (3) weeks of a calendar quarter; (c) transpire during Google’s normal business hours; and (d) cover a period not to exceed the previous four (4) calendar years. Google will promptly pay to the Registry the amount of any under payment determined by the audit and the Registry will promptly pay to Google (or Google may offset) the amount of any overpayment determined by the audit. In addition, if the audit reveals an underpayment of five percent (5%) or more in the payments for any calendar quarter, then Google shall pay for the reasonable costs associated with the audit. The accounting firm may only disclose to the Registry whether or not Google is in compliance with its payment obligations under Section 4.5 (Standard Revenue Splits and Discounting) and, if Google is not incompliance, the amount of any underpayment or overpayment and supporting calculations.

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