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S 04.7

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  1. jamie says:

    I assume this list is not exhaustive.

  2. No, it appears that it is not.

NewAdditional (for unclaimed Books, the Unclaimed Works Fiduciary) Revenue Models. The Registry (for unclaimed Books, the Unclaimed Works Fiduciary and Google may, over time, agree to new revenue models, and discount programs (if any) for such revenue models, including agree to one or more of the following additional Revenue Models:

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S 04.7.1

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(a) Print on Demand (“POD”) – POD copies of Books This service would permit purchasers to obtain a print copy of a non-Commercially Available Book distributed by third parties. A Book’s availability through such POD program would not, in and of itself, result in the Book being classified as Commercially Available.

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S 04.7.2

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(b) Custom Publishing – Per-page pricing of Books, or portions thereof, for course materials, and other forms of custom publishing for the educational and professional markets.File Download. This service would permit purchasers of Consumer Purchase for a Book to download a copy of such Book in an appropriate file format such as PDF, EPUB or other format for use on electronic book reading devices, mobile phones, portable media players and other electronic devices (“File Download”).

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S 04.7.3

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(c) PDF Download -Downloadable PDF versions of Books.

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S 04.7.4

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(c)(d) Consumer Subscription Models – An. This service would permit the purchase of individual version of anaccess to the Institutional Subscription Database or to a designated subset thereof (“Consumer Subscription”).

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S 04.7.5

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(e) Summaries, Abstracts and/or Compilations of Books.

Google may not offer any new revenue models with respect to Books without authorization from the Registry or the Rightsholder.

Subject to Section 4.5(a)(iii) (Agreed Revenue Splits), the revenue split for POD and File Download for a Book shall be the same as that for Consumer Purchase for such Book and the revenue split for Consumer Subscription for a Book shall be the same as that for the Institutional Subscriptions for such Book. The Registry will give Registered Rightsholders and the Unclaimed Works Fiduciary at least sixty (60) days’ notice prior to Google offering any additional Revenue Model, and the right to exclude their Books or unclaimed Books, as the case may be, from such additional Revenue Model pursuant to Section 3.5(b) (Right to Exclude from Display Uses and Revenue Models).

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