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S 05.3.6

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(f) Investment. Until such time after the Effective Date as the Settlement Fund is distributed to Rightsholders consistent with the terms of this Amended Settlement Agreement and as otherwise ordered by the Court, the Settlement Fund shall be invested and reinvested by Class Counsel in United States Treasury Bills, Notes or other obligations of the United States or its instrumentalities of no more than six (6) months’ duration, except that such portions of the Settlement Fund as may reasonably be needed to pay current Administrative Costs, including expenses associated with providing notice of the Settlement to the Amended Settlement Class, or payment of taxes arising with respect to income earned by the Settlement Fund (including the reasonable expenses of a tax attorney or consultant and mailing and distribution costs and expenses related to filing tax returns), may be held in the form of cash or money market instruments. All interest and gains earned on the Settlement Fund or any portion thereof shall become and remain a part thereof. No party shall be responsible for any losses, principal or otherwise, of the Settlement Fund.

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