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S 07.3

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Google’s Obligations.

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S 07.3.1

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(a) Notification of Libraries. Google will notify each library providing Books to Google as part of the GLP pursuant to a Digitization Agreement of the requirements to become a Fully Participating Library if it wishes to have a LDC, and will use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain such library’s agreement to enter into the Library-Registry (Fully Participating) Agreement and become a Fully Participating Library.

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S 07.3.2

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(b) Breach By Participating or Cooperating Libraries. Google will reasonably cooperate with the Rightsholders and/or the Registry in connection with any material breach by a Fully Participating Library or a Cooperating Library of its Library-Registry Agreement or the terms of this Amended Settlement Agreement applicable to such Fully Participating Library or Cooperating Library; provided, however, that Google is not required to disclose confidential or personally identifiable information other than as required by law or valid legal process.

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