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S 08.7

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Adjustments to Liability Ranges and Caps. The liability ranges and caps set forth in Sections 8.4 (Remedies for Breaches of the Security Implementation Plan that Do Not Result In Unauthorized Access or Prohibited Access), 8.5 (Remedies for Breaches Resulting in Unauthorized Access by Google or Prohibited Access by a Fully Participating Library or a Host Site) and 8.6 (Remedies for Security Violations by Third Parties) shall be adjusted on the tenth (10th) anniversary of the Effective Date and every tenth (10th) anniversary thereafter during the term of this Amended Settlement Agreement to that amount which is equal to the product obtained by multiplying (a) the amount specified in each such section, by (b) a fraction, the numerator of which is the Consumer Price Index published for the year immediately preceding the year in which the calculation is made and the denominator of which is the Consumer Price Index published for 2008.

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