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SB1 2.3

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(c) Library Digital Copy. The obligations and restrictions set forth in this Library Agreement regarding Digital Copies of Books apply only to the Library Digital Copy provided to Library by Google. If, pursuant to Section 3.5(a) (Right to Remove) of the Settlement Agreement, a Rightsholder exercises its right to have its Book Removed, then Library agrees to also Remove such Book from its Library Digital Copy; provided that, pursuant to such section, the right to Remove is limited to requests made within twenty-seven (27) months from the Notice Commencement Date. Library may maintain Books on back-up tapes or on any other back-up storage media in accordance with Section 2(g) (Security of Library Digital Copy) below. If any back-up tape or other back-up storage media containing any Book that has been Removed is restored by Library, then such Book shall also be Removed from the copy made from the back-up tape or other back-up storage media. Library will implement a Rightsholder’s Removal direction within ninety (90) days after notice from the Registry.

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