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Digital Copy of Excluded Books. In the event that Google excludes a Book from one or more Display Uses for editorial reasons, and provides to the Registry a Digital Copy of such Book pursuant to Section 3.7(e)(i) (Digital Copy of Excluded Books) of the Settlement Agreement, then the Registry may, subject to Section 3.5 (Right to Remove and Exclude) of the Settlement Agreement, engage, with the consent (not to be unreasonably withheld) of the Fully Participating Library or the Cooperating Library from which the Library Scan of such Book was made (including, if Google constructed a Digital Copy of a Book pursuant to Section 7.2(a)(i) (Fully Participating Library Collections) of the Settlement Agreement from one or more physical Books, all such libraries that were the source of such physical Books), a Third-Party Required Library Services Provider that, once engaged, may make available to users a Digital Copy of that Book for uses comparable to Display Uses and Non-Display Uses; provided that, if a Book is not then Commercially Available and the Third-Party Required Library Services Provider makes available the Book for a fee, then the Third-Party Required Library Services Provider must also offer the Required Library Services (Section 7.2(e) (Required Library Services Requirement) of the Settlement Agreement) for the Book to the extent required by such Fully Participating Library or Cooperating Library. Such Third-Party Required Library Services Provider is, in connection with any Claim arising out of its making available such Digital Copy of the Book, deemed to be a successor of Google for purposes of Section 10.1(g) (Google Releasees) of the Settlement Agreement.

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