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[The Exhibits of each Library-Registry (Cooperating ) Agreement will attach, or incorporate by reference, the following sections from the Settlement Agreement.]

Exhibit A: Settlement Agreement Definitions [Relevant definitions from the Settlement Agreement]

Exhibit B: Research Corpus [Section 7.2(d) (Research Corpus)]

Exhibit C: Exercise of Collective Rights [Section 7.4 (Fully Participating Libraries’ and Cooperating Libraries’ Exercise of Collective Rights) and Attachment 1 hereto]

Exhibit D: Cooperating Library Releases [Cooperating Library releases from Section 10.2 (Releases) and the related definitions from 10.1 (Definitions)]

Exhibit E: Third-Party Beneficiary [Section 7.2(f)(ii) and the sections to which it refers]

Exhibit F: Dispute Resolution [Article IX (Dispute Resolution)]

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